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Supporting deaf artists with funding applications


Are you a deaf artist who wants to get involved in the festival season, but don’t have funds to make it happen? Or do you find it difficult to navigate funding applications?

We understand that there can be challenges for deaf artists to access funding opportunities, so we’re here to help. Our expert team can guide you through the process.

Here’s how we can support you:

  1. Signposting – we can help you find the right arts funding organisations, such as Creative Scotland or Arts Council England, ensuring you have access to the resources you need to kickstart your project.
  2. Expert guidance – we can offer advice on how to complete the application form, and make suggestions to help improve your chances of funding.
  3. Language choice – our team use British Sign Language (BSL) and English, so we can support you in your preferred language.
  4. Supporting information – we can provide all the relevant information relating to Edinburgh Deaf Festival to help support and strengthen your application.
  5. Proofing – our team can proofread your application before you submit it, including spelling checks and grammar corrections.

We want to empower deaf artists to achieve their goals – whilst we can’t write the application for you, our team can support you at every step, providing you with the resources you need to complete your application.

Get in touch

If you’re a deaf artist and would like support with your funding application, contact our team at