How to support Edinburgh Deaf Festival


Edinburgh Deaf Festival has launched a campaign to rally supporters after being denied funding, putting our festival at risk. Despite our impact on the deaf community, deaf arts, and the wider festival landscape, Creative Scotland has denied funding to Edinburgh Deaf Festival. Now, the future of our inclusive celebration is uncertain. We need your help and support to secure the future of the festival.

Find out more about the funding decision here.

How can you help?

1. Donate to the festival

Help us to secure Edinburgh Deaf Festival for the future. Your donation really will make a difference.

2. Write to the Scottish Government and your local MSP

Get in touch with the Scottish Government and your local MSP to let them know this is an issue which requires action, you can find a list of local MSP’s here.

Download our letter template

3. Write to Creative Scotland

Contact Creative Scotland directly to let them know how their funding decision will impact you and the deaf community. You can contact them here.

Download our letter template

4. Share your story with us

You can share your festival stories with us, whether you are a performer, partner, or audience member, let us know how Edinburgh Deaf Festival has impacted you. Email us directly at or share on your social media and tag us.

5. Share your views on social media

Join the social media campaign to save Edinburgh Deaf Festival. Your support can make a difference in preserving this cultural celebration for the deaf community. Tag us on social media and use the hashtags #EdinburghDeafFestival and #DeafFestivalAccess.

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